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It might also help to read other articles about this issue as well, there are plenty out there!  But here’s what I want you to do.

Summarize the issue (be as unbiased and objective as possible), include your own thesis statement, argue your point of view. on what should be done with the Confederate flag.  

This should be 2 – 3 paragraphs total, roughly 1 -2 pages in MLA format 


Summarizing the issue means identifying what the controversy is and briefly explaining the context.  For example, if I wanted to talk about police cameras, I would say:

“Police in various cities around the country have been under scrutiny as a result from the number of recent incidents in which police have shot and killed unarmed civilians.  These incidents have drawn significant media attention because in some of these cases, the shootings have been caught on cell phone cameras by witnesses.  The use of camera footage as evidence of police misconduct has some Americans demanding that police forces include body cameras as part of their standard uniform. Alternatively, skeptics of body cameras argue that there is no way to effectively organize and store all collected data, and that reviewing the data would be costly and time consuming. 
That said, using evidence of successful implementation of the use of body cameras on police points to their value and all police organizations in the US should adopt this practice.”  

The bolded sentence there is my 
thesis statement.  This paragraph effectively works as an introduction paragraph.  I first offer contextual information where I summarize the issue so you know what is at stake here, and then I specifically tell you my stance on the issue.  

Next, in the following 2 – 3 paragraphs, argue your point of view.