Please write in Microsoft Word, size 12 font, double spaced, 3 pages on the following topic:

“As society changes; are we the mechanisms of change or is society changing us?”


Assignment 2. 

Sociology emerged as the study of all aspects of human existence, where people lived, the nature of their work, how they viewed life, and interpersonal relationships. As sociologists, we are not in the business of evaluating, diagnosis, or critique of individual’s actions but rather observing behaviors and wondering what drove them to that type of behavior or how society draws it‘s lines of what is acceptable and what is beyond the line. So review the obituary and

Please answer the following question:
After reading the Sebastian Horsley obituary, why would I include it in a sociology class?
This should be a 3 page double spaced typed in Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or a plain text (.txt) document.
Assignment 3.

Please select one of the following questions to answer in a 3-5 page, double spaced, size 12 font, Microsoft word paper.

  1.  What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Why are race and ethnicity such powerful forces in social life?
  2.  Why are women defined as a minority group? What are the consequences of defining women as a minority group?
  3.  Do you think that voter participation is related to how much money someone has? Do you thin that citizens feel their vote counts? Do you feel your vote counts?
  4.  In recent surveys many Americans feel marriage is outdated, unimportant, old fashioned, and unnecessary.  Do you think that marriage still has a place in the American culture?
  5.  In the United States of America there is a division between Church and State.  Do you think this is active and is it effective?