these is a poorly written sentence, How could I arrange these sentence to make it sound better. and some are wordy too.

  1. The men and women that are members of the communication department hope to settle the conflict with the legal department so that isn’t an amazingly long time before something gets done before the public notices the company is having internal problems that will impact them if the men and women of the committee to get this fixed soon.
  2. Mr. Llbbins remains essentially unfathomable in regards his attitude about his being fired, even though his sophomoric ways contributed to the event.
  3. My boss knows that I will not forget to get all of the files taken care of, dress inappropriately for the Christmas party, and ruin our reputation with the clients we invited.
  4. All men in this office have weaknesses, including myself, more than I can count whether they be serious or minor.
  5. He gave an OK to spending the $32,000 figure for the car.
  6. The envelp was placed by her with final payment in the drop box.
  7. Our company should fair well in this years negotiations.