topic is mercedies benz / book is strategic management concepts by fred r david

Strategy Implementation and Evaluation (125 Points)

Perhaps more important than choosing strategies is evaluating their effectiveness. Decision makers are faced with the complexity of gathering organizational performance data, reviewing results, assessing and analyzing the information, and making an informed decision on what to do next. This strategy management part of the process is all within the context of an ever-shifting competitive environment.

In this week’s Critical Thinking assignment you will construct an evaluation framework that may be appropriate for your target organization. Develop a deeper understanding of review, evaluation, and control by completing the required reading in the textbook, studying the module lectures, and identifying four academic studies from scholarly journals that are relevant to the topic. The four studies should have been conducted within about the last three years.

For this assignment, the PowerPoint software program (or a similar program) will be used. Using Figure 9.2 as a basis and example, construct a strategy-evaluation framework that may be useful to your target organization. In other words, customize and create a framework that contains elements necessary for review, evaluation, and control.

Then, in the notes section of the PowerPoint slide, provide an explanation of why this framework was a good choice to meet the demands of 21st century issues and unique aspects that are related to your target organization.

Review CSU-Global APA guidelines for PowerPoint. You may also want to view the Sample PowerPoint that is cited in APA that is located in the Additional Resources of the CSU-Global APA guidelines. Include a title slide and reference slide. Thus a total of three slides will be submitted for this Critical Thinking assignment.