Two 200 Word Essays Due Tuesday Afternoon California Time

All work must be original in APA Format. Eassy must have their own quotes and references. Due tomorrow Tuesday April 7th 12:00 noon California time. 


The course is Risk Management



1. Assume a person is severely injured by electricity while trying to remove a kite from the power line after having climbed a power pole without the utility’s permission. The injured party sues the power company. What are good defenses from the standpoint of the power company? What are the requirements for a plaintiff to prove negligence against a defendant?







2. Peter Bubba is driving home from a bar when he runs off the road and hits a telephone pole. These are the losses he suffers: $4,500 to repair the damage to his car; $2,500 damage to the telephone pole and lines; $550 for doctor and medicine costs; and, $300 to rent a car while his car is being repaired. What is the correct name for each of these losses? What is the difference between them? Please give examples of each.



Text book Reference Dorfman, M. S. (2008). Introduction to risk management and insurance (9th ed.). Upper Saddle

            River, NJ: Prentice Hall.