Week 2 – Blog

Prepare: Interactive media allows us to not only recieve the message, but become part of the message as well as a creator of the message. Potter (2014) calls our use of interactive media “Cooperative experiences” that fall into three categories: social contact acquiring, and creating markets. No matter what our purposes of using interactive, social media we all leave digital footprints behind. As a matter of fact, when we created our social media identities in Week One, we also established yet another set of footprints. No matter how “provate” we make our settings, we still leave behind footprints that we may be largely unaware of.

Read Chapter 12 of the textbook. Then, conduct an internet search on yourself using three different search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In your searches, be sure to include any alieases you have used in the past, variations in your name, places you have lived or worked, and schools you have attended to maximize the results you receive.


Reflect: Think about the types of information that you found on the internet about yourself. Was the information accurate? Did you put the information on the internet? Did you know that his much information existed about you on the internet? Was there anything ou found in your internet search of yourself that you would find unsetting?


Write: Once you have gathered your thoughts, write a 250- to  300- word blog post about what you discovered from your outline search of yourself. Provide specific examples to illustrate your points. Also, discuss whether you intend to remove some information and lessen your digital footprint in the future. Include a byline at the beginning of your blog post. At the end of your blog, include a full reference for all sources cited in the body of your blog. All citations and references must adnere to APA style guidelines. 


This is a JRN 101 assignment even though I selected Business Management in the Homework Field of Study: As I did not see a selection for JRN. I need this assignment completed by 03/10/2016 @ 3:00PM Pacific Standard Time.