write a story about super hero

you should write 3-4 pages 

Your second exercise in this progression is to make use of your visual object in a scene, a scene that puts you and the object in relationship with one another.  The scene may shed light on your attitude toward the object.    



►Write a scene that will help your readers begin to understand what idea your visual object has sparked in you. In this scene, you should try and focalize around the issue you would like to discuss. Remember that a scene is dramatic and constructed so that readers in order experience the action. Readers may be drawn into the scene by a dramatic action, an interesting conversation, or by the sheer force of your creative language. Your scene need not focus on your visual object as long as the object plays some part in the scene.


use simple words 

explain how and what super hero that you create fight for  for example he or she fight for  get their freedom